Thursday, July 26, 2007

Will You?

A super fun engagement shoot. They were up for anything and you can feel how much they love and adore each other. Less than one month until the wedding.. time is flying. Here are a few of my faves.. there are SEVERAL more.
Serene and Safe She thinks she looks like she is going to eat his face. I disagree. I love the feeling of sharing a joke with your special someone. One of those things you CAN'T BELIEVE THEY SAID.. yet you love it.
At the end of the day they jumped in the water to get cooled off.. though I am not sure how cooled off they were.

Another BIG GROUP!

1 set of Parents
10 Kids
6 Inlaws
12 Grandkids
=30 People and 3 Generations.. and counting.

Here are a few of my favorites... out of several.

Family Reunion..

A recent family reunion.. all of my husbands family.. The group shot was done on self-timer.. You get what you get.. it was fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Isn't she Beautiful....

ISO 400 f3.2 1/500 Manual.

I love her eyes.. My beautiful 4 year old Princess.